Aidarov Studio presents its premiere project P POP18 on the 5th of November 2018. P POP18 comes from a semi-secret code which is easy to read. P is for profession, POP is for pop culture and 18 combines the three to put it in a 2018 pop culture context. The founder and creative director Emil hand-makes the oversized silk t-shirts. T-shirts? Why T-shirts? Because this is the most versatile item from our everyday wardrobe. You can put logos, patterns, slogans, jewelry on it; you can dye it. In this case Emil creates something completely out-of-the-box from this very ordinary everyday piece of clothing. His tees are made of silk which puts them on a higher and very specific niché of the market. Silk immediately gives a sense of luxury without being too pretentious. Different professions such as nurse, flight attendant, police are hand-painted over the silk in bold Cyrillic lettering. These notions are full of social cliches and stigma. Apart from the sociological factors, the professions have a symbolic meaning to the author and his personal mythology. Our profession of choice gives us identity, it helps us be more recognisable. At the same time it is a direction towards self acceptance and embracing of our own unique qualities and values. The profession for the post modern human is their second skin. While existing in the societal frame we could be happy or not. Luckily that’s not the only way to climb up the hierarchy ladder or completely fall down to the bottom. In this particular case P POP18 has not only got aesthetic value but it also has social and philosophical layers and meanings. In the gallery we can see three different professions. This is the beginning of a cycle which the author will enrich by adding other titles by means of which he creates a jigsaw. The jigsaw will eliminate the need to answer the question ‘What do you do?’. You can show your true identity through Aidarov Studio's unique silk tees.