Welcome to the Aidarov world! Our Studio was born in 2018, initially as a student project. The initial idea was to learn the principles of silk drawing – a very old technique known for centuries in China or Japan. Silk gradually became the main material for work and our basis and inspiration to create conceptual objects. That's how our silky adventure started!

The aim of Aidarov Studio is to create sustainable products. We distance ourselves from fast fashion. The world is full of trash and useless objects, which is why we are looking for the significant purpose of every unique product. In this sense, we abstain from creating a large number of new collections every single season.

Our goal is to offer aficionados fashion designs and unique products that are hand-crafted with a lot of creativity, passion, love and aspiration.

We can find inspiration anywhere, particularly in art, movies, music or the differences between cultures and subcultures. For example, East meets West – as a political, economical and aesthetic construct. Provocation, personal story and meaningful ideas all find their place in our collections.

Our debut project PPOP 18 (2018) was born and supported by these concepts. It was inspired by the problems of personal, professional and social self-identification for young people in today's society. The silk t-shirts, decorated with different professions in Cyrillic letters written on them, have become a metaphor of this idea. 



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